ReeFlow 150 BMT

ReeFlow 150 BMT automatic machine servo-drive for medium-high production

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ReeFlow 150 RT automatic machine servo-drive for medium-high production.

Main features :

– Mounting device for max film width 650 mm handly adjustable
– Standard photecell No product No bag
– Longitudinal sealing station with two pairs of Teflon coated sealing wheels and one pair of edge
– Folding wheel for bottom sealed strip
– Rotatory Motion system with Teflon coated jaws for transversal sealing and cutting
– Product discharge through 800 mm automatic flat belt
– PLC with Display 7″ colored touch screen
– Motorization with 3-axis stepless + 2 asynchronous motors.

Ideal for food stuff, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, graphic and non food sectors.

Technical data:

Film reel mounting position: Top
Longitudinal sealing position: Bottom
Transversal sealing system: Rotative motion
Machine dimension: 4370 x 1460 x H1850 mm
Outfeed conveyor length: 825 mm
Power supply: 400V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: Up to 16 Kw
Compressed air: 6 bar – 16 NL (per cycle)
Bag width: Up to 250 mm
Bag length: Up to 600 mm
Max. product height: 150 mm
Sealing width: 15 mm
Human Interface: 7” colored touch-screen panel


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