ReeFlow 50

Discover brand new entry level flow wrapper from Reepack: The Reeflow 50.

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Discover brand new entry level flow wrapper from Reepack: The Reeflow 50. The perfect match between Hygienics, Ergonomics, Safety, and Performance. Made to pack a large range of products and able to process various qualities of wrapping material. Wholly made in stainless steel and is ideal to operate in the most aggressive environments typical of the food industry. The machine is able to process any kind of non-barrier materials, as well as Eco-Sustainable ones such as fully recyclable mono-materials, compostable or biodegradable.


  • Left-hand Version
  • PEC registration for printed film
  • Adjustable folding box
  • Automatic Opening of Sealing Rollers
  • Upper belt
  • Misplaced product detection
  • Euro-hole punch
  • Zig-zag cut
  • Gussetting device (air blow)
  • Barrette product support
  • Gas flushing system



PropertyReeFlow 50ReeFlow 50 W
Standard Infeed (Loading Area)Lug conveyor (1.5 m)Lug conveyor (1.5 m)
NP-NB FunctionIncudedIncuded
Film Reel HolderTop positionTop position
Max. Film Reel Width650 mm800 mm
Max. Film Reel Diameter400 mm400 mm
Max. Film Reel Weigth40 kg40 kg
Sealing RollersBottom positionBottom position
Sealing Rollers Layout3 pairs3 pairs
Sealing & Cutting JawsRotary SystemRotary System
Sealing Jaws' Lenght (opt.)350 (250/400) mm350 (250/400) mm
Max. Product Height (opt.)85 (125) mm125 (85) mm
Max. Film Speed*1Belt conveyorBelt conveyor
Max. Packaging Output*140 m/min.40 m/min.
Standard Motorization3-axis Stepless + 2 AC3-axis Stepless + 2 AC
Control HMICMZ 7" Touch-screenCMZ 7" Touch-screen
Standard Power Supply (opt.)400V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz. (230V 3/PE 60Hz. & others)400V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz. (230V 3/PE 60Hz. & others)
*1 Depending on film and product characteristics


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