Together we do

Sami Mäenpää
Chief Executive Officer | Sales

+358 40 538 2814


Henri Ihalainen
Technical Director | Sales

+358 400 489 097


Aarni Hoikka
Account Manager

+358 50 410 0717

Matti Maajaakkola

Matti Maajaakkola
Chief of Services

+358 44 528 9147

Contact information


+358 10 338 0000


+358 10 338 0001


Hiekkatie 4 B 15,
33470 Ylöjärvi

Invoicing data

First and foremost, we hope to receive e-invoices from you:

Linepack Oy
Operator OP
E-invoice address 003726519177

If you do not yet have the option to send us e-invoices, we will only accept paper invoices at our next scanning service address;

LinePack Oy
PO Box 37788

When sending paper invoices, please note the following:

The address must be on all invoices, not just in an envelope. Only invoices are sent to the billing address, other material is forwarded to previously used addresses.

If material other than invoices is delivered to the PO Box address, they will be destroyed without scanning.

Other materials to be mailed are requested to be sent to the visiting address.

LinePack Oy – Genuinely interested

Is the purchase of a packaging machine, material handling or marking device topical, or do you want to improve the reliability of the current assembly? Don’t worry about LinePack!

We are sincerely interested in finding the best solutions to our customers’ problems. In addition to a comprehensive product and a range of spare parts, our toolbox includes experience-during expertise, the ability to listen and the will to help.

Our operations are based on customer orientation, responsible operating methods and reciprocity. Our core expertise is modern, versatile comprehensive solutions for both changing and permanent needs. Since 2014, we have delivered everything individually, reliably and professionally.

Our vision

LinePack is a reliable supplier of comprehensive packaging solutions that always serves professionally and listening to the customer.

Our goal is to grow together with our customers and partners.

Together, we’ll do even more!

LinePack Oy
LinePack Oy Perustetaan

Jälleenmyymme Reepack-tuotteita. Mm. kuljettimet,
vaa’at, merkintälaitteet

Precia Molen
Precia Molen tuotteet

Precia Molen vaaka-tuotteet tulevat myyntiin

Ruokapumput ja metalli- ilmaisimet
Ruokapumput ja metalli- ilmaisimet

Ruokapumput ja metalli-
ilmaisimet tulevat myyntiin sekä Multipond monipää vaaka-tuotteet

Beldos & RadPak
Beldos & RadPak

Beldos tilavuus-annostelijat ja
RadPak pysty-pakkauskoneet tulevat myyntiin

Ceia metallin ilmaisimet

Ceia metallin ilmaisimet tulevat myyntiin

Nemesis & United Barcode Systems
Nemesis & United Barcode Systems

Nemesis dynaamiset vaa’at sekä
United Barcode Systems
mustesuihkutulostimet tulevat myyntiin